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Posted by Twin-Tales - 12 days ago

We made a new video! It's a look behind the scenes of the first episode of The Allies! We talk about how we did some of the effects and what material we used etc. So if that sounds interesting check it out on our Youtube channel.



We usually put alot of behind the scenes material on our instagram, so if you want to see more of that stuff you can follow us there. https://www.instagram.com/twintales1/







Posted by Twin-Tales - September 28th, 2018

Here are some images from our webseries we are working on, THE ALLIES!



Posted by Twin-Tales - June 2nd, 2018

Here's a little update! Finished the script on the first episode of our series called THE ALLIES! It is a story about a group of soldiers, one American, one British, one Soviet and a Frenchman. They get the mission to kidnap Eva Braun and hopefully get leverage on the Germans! The first episode is written and is called "D-Day". It's an action-adventure-comedy. Sometimes really silly and fun.

Having a blast working on this project! Got some awesome voice actors bringing the characters to life! Among them QuiceStraughter and iamsteve here on newgrounds! 4807192_152793022061_1.jpg

Posted by Twin-Tales - November 28th, 2017

Our new ACTIONFEST is now available to watch here on Newgrounds.

It's called "A Samurai Story" and it's about the local police in a small Japanese village that are being called out when a violent samurai disturbs the peace.
It's full of swordfights, gore, violence and a little bit of comedy. If it sounds interesting so please go check it out!





If you want to see some behind the scenes and what other short films we are working on, go follow us on instagram.

/Philip and Gottfrid (Aka Twin Tales)


Posted by Twin-Tales - October 27th, 2017

Hey, again!

Just wanted to say that me and my brother finished a new film! (Yay!)

It's about Neil Armstrong placing the American flag on the moon and then...well watch the film and see what happens.

Link to film ----> "First man on the moon"

It's only 15 seconds, what!? It's originally for a 15 second film festival on Instagram so yeah...it could only be 15 seconds. It's pretty hard to push an idea into that short amount of time, so you kinda gotta do what you gotta do, cut some here and cut some there.

Gonna share some behind the scenes shots and if you wanna see more of the same you can visit our Instagram profile (twintales1).

Thanks and have a good one!







Posted by Twin-Tales - March 12th, 2017

Our new film "The Crucifixion of Jesus" is now available to see here on Newgrounds!
It's a stop motion/claymation parody of the crucifixion of Jesus we've been working on for the last 3 months. We were aiming for that Adultswim/Robot Chicken-esque feeling.
We are very happy with the result so please check it out and enjoy!

LINK TO FILM ----> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/690140




It features the voice acting talents of Flush Studios, Benjamoose and OldManCricky, great people to work with so check out there stuff!


If you are interested in some behind the scenes, take a look at our instagram were we put all of our behind the scenes shots. And there is also other claymation/stopmotion pics of our projects that we have and are currently working on.

INSTAGRAM for BEHIND THE SCENES ---> https://www.instagram.com/twintales1/

Other projects that we have been working on is our samurai film "A Samurai Story".  The synopsis for that film is, "The local police in a small Japanese village are called out when a violent samurai disturbs the peace." It contains alot of violence, gore and angry samurais!
We have submitted that film to some festivals but it will probably show up here on Newgrounds at the end of the year.

So that's an update from us, now check out our film were JESUS GOES ALL BANANAS.

Have a good one!

Posted by Twin-Tales - February 8th, 2017

Hey guys, thought I've would share some "behind the scenes" pictures on a project me and my brother are working on. It's a stop motion short film, a parody about Jesus crucifixion. It has been really fun building the set. We wanted it to look pretty realistic so we had to use some diffrent materials, like rocks, styrofoam and plaster to get it look right.

Also pretty happy with how the look of Jesus turned out.

We just finished a 6.30 minute stop motion samurai movie called "A Samurai Story". As every animator knows 6 minutes is pretty much work for an animation so we aimed to do something much shorter this time. The Jesus film will be about 2 minutes long. Anyway here's some pictures of it!



If you're interested in seeing more you can take a look at our Instagram profile.

Posted by Twin-Tales - March 30th, 2016

So here's a little update, MILITARY MEN: SEIZE THE SNOW MOUNTAIN CASTLE has been accepted to the following film festivals:

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood - April 8
Detroit International Festival of Animation - April 8 – 9
National Film Festival for Talented Youth (Seattle) - April 28 – May 1
Hill Country Film Festival (Fredericksburg, Texas) - April 28 – May 1

So that's AWESOME! If you live in those parts of the world. Go check our and other filmmakers films out!
We have sumbitted our film to more festivals and hopefully it will also be accepted to those festivals. But we couldn't have done it without the awesome backing and support from all the people who liked Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle here on Newgrounds!!! So a huge THANK YOU to all of you!

Also like to thank our awesome voice actors, TopherG, Iamavoiceactor, Shock-Dingo, Benjamoose and Seshido. Also the great music by Bosa. All people here on Newgrounds.com




Posted by Twin-Tales - June 7th, 2015

First post on newgrounds...anyway... here's our (me and my brothers) new film we have been working on for the last months. First time we tried to write and make a more comedy oriented film, but we still wanted to keep the gore and blood from our previous films. We did not want to do a film were people enter a place and start a fight, we felt we done that before in both Samurai Assassin and in Big Bad Nazis. Focused alot on making better props and sets and try to make believable surroundings.

Really proud over some parts that I animated, like the horse coming galloping in, I thought that looked very cool.

Huge credit to the voice actors who really made it all come alive! And also the people who contributed with music!


Here it is if you want to check it out - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/658797