Jesus parody (Stop Motion short)

2017-02-08 07:02:37 by Twin-Tales

Hey guys, thought I've would share some "behind the scenes" pictures on a project me and my brother are working on. It's a stop motion short film, a parody about Jesus crucifixion. It has been really fun building the set. We wanted it to look pretty realistic so we had to use some diffrent materials, like rocks, styrofoam and plaster to get it look right.

Also pretty happy with how the look of Jesus turned out.

We just finished a 6.30 minute stop motion samurai movie called "A Samurai Story". As every animator knows 6 minutes is pretty much work for an animation so we aimed to do something much shorter this time. The Jesus film will be about 2 minutes long. Anyway here's some pictures of it!



If you're interested in seeing more you can take a look at our Instagram profile.


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2017-02-08 12:06:11

Make a patreon so people can donate money to you, so you can make your stuff faster.

Twin-Tales responds:

I don't think we have a big enough audience to pull that off. But maybe in the future.


2017-02-10 16:05:19

Teach me your ways, I've always loved stop-motion and I've tried many times at it, but I could never really ace the classical animation style.

Twin-Tales responds:

Thanks man, glad you like it.

We've been doing stop motion for a while now, so we wasn't at this level from the beginning. It has taken time and a lot of failures to get to this level as with everything really. I don't know how much animation you've done before, but I don't think anyone who begins animating can ace the animation from the start. It just takes a lot of practice you know.

There is a lot of good stop motion tutorials on Youtube that cover a lot of the basics. But remember you don't need expensive stuff to make something good, you can begin with a webcamera, a table and some desk lamps. Anyway, that's how we started out. Then we just kept doing stuff, try to improve everytime and never give up. :)