Military Men, Film festivals and Thank you!

2016-03-30 07:26:35 by Twin-Tales

So here's a little update, MILITARY MEN: SEIZE THE SNOW MOUNTAIN CASTLE has been accepted to the following film festivals:

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood - April 8
Detroit International Festival of Animation - April 8 – 9
National Film Festival for Talented Youth (Seattle) - April 28 – May 1
Hill Country Film Festival (Fredericksburg, Texas) - April 28 – May 1

So that's AWESOME! If you live in those parts of the world. Go check our and other filmmakers films out!
We have sumbitted our film to more festivals and hopefully it will also be accepted to those festivals. But we couldn't have done it without the awesome backing and support from all the people who liked Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle here on Newgrounds!!! So a huge THANK YOU to all of you!

Also like to thank our awesome voice actors, TopherG, Iamavoiceactor, Shock-Dingo, Benjamoose and Seshido. Also the great music by Bosa. All people here on





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2016-03-30 08:00:33

Congrats, that's awesome!

Twin-Tales responds:

Thank you!


2016-03-31 17:30:07

Nice, good luck with your next video.

Twin-Tales responds:

Thanks, just posted a shot we did on instagram.


2016-04-10 18:33:20

Whoo! Congrats!