First man on the moon (stop motion - comedy short)

2017-10-27 02:11:35 by Twin-Tales

Hey, again!

Just wanted to say that me and my brother finished a new film! (Yay!)

It's about Neil Armstrong placing the American flag on the moon and then...well watch the film and see what happens.

Link to film ----> "First man on the moon"

It's only 15 seconds, what!? It's originally for a 15 second film festival on Instagram so could only be 15 seconds. It's pretty hard to push an idea into that short amount of time, so you kinda gotta do what you gotta do, cut some here and cut some there.

Gonna share some behind the scenes shots and if you wanna see more of the same you can visit our Instagram profile (twintales1).

Thanks and have a good one!








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